Nu e o cinste sa fi rugat…

QRZCQ is missing you!

Hello YO2BZV!

Long time not seen! You have not visited QRZCQ since more than a half year!

So many things did happen in this time on the page, maybe you would like see them?

We have thousands of users by now, the page has many new features with all the bells and whistles a ham could imagine of. Much of them are regularly used by our users, like DX Cluster with spotting, extended search, messages between users etc. We also have forums, chat, swapmeet, articles, news, calendar and contest informations. Several hundreds sorted ham videos and short movies are waiting for you on the page!

Your profile page was viewed 239 times, please check you profile to ensure other hams can lookup the right data about you!

Please visit us again and take a look! If you forgot your password simply try to login with your call and last password you remember, then use the simple ‘password forgotten’ function.

73 de
The QRZCQ Team


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