Cand nu stii, nu intreba!!!

Pe un site dedicat constructiilor de radioamator, un incepator chinuindu-se cu un VFO constata ca nu prea functioneaza si scrie:

I have been having problems getting my VFO working. The transistors have the correct voltages, ….

I have also had some confusion on how to set the polyvaricon, this might be causing issues but I’m not really sure. I would appreciate if someone could direct me towards a solution. Thanks.

Vin si “solutiile”:


A dose of 50 to 60 Hertz is a painful experience
A dose of Kilohertz is a more painful experience
A dose of Megahertz is a fatal experience

When frequency was measured in cycles per second, kilocycles per second and
megacycles per second, it told you what the units were.
Hertz is just some scientist’s surname – it doesn’t tell you what the units


Ohm: Ohms = J*s/C^2
Ampere: A = Coulombs/s
Newton: N = kg/m/s^2
Volta: V = kg*m^2/A*s^3
Faraday: F = A*s/V

Etc etc etc!!!

In final cred ca “ajutorul” primit l-a scos din impas!


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