Beacon de YO2BZV KN05os

Azi am trecut ROS pe pozitia de BEACON  in 28.295 MHz ptr test.

Dupa 2 ore de live beacon am primit urmatorul mesaj:


EA5GKO has received your Radio Message sent at: 10:10 UTC

Received Message: in’Beacon de YO2BZV KN05os …… (BRM) <CRC-OK>’

Operator Info:
Callsign: EA5GKO
DXCC: Spain (EU)
Name: Jose-Antonio
E-mail: ea5gko@…
Locator: IM98ko
Station: // PC: P4 2,4G // Sound card: SignaLink USB // RX/TX: Yaesu FT-897 //  Ant.: Giovannini D2T // Antenna  tuner: LDG Z-11 Pro // Pw.: 25 w
ROS Version: ROS v6.9.1

Signal Info:
Frequency: 28,295 Mhz
Mode: ROS16/2000
Symbol Rate: 16 Bauds
BW: 2000 Hz
Frame Acquisition: 21/24
Final Acquisition: 24/24
Frequency Shift: 132,8 Hz
Viterbi: 0%
S/N (2500 Hz): +3 dB, Fade Marge: +19 dB
Distance: 1995 km, Bearing: 239
Beacon: OFF
Remote Control: OFF
Vumeter Level: -15 dB
CPU Usage: 50 %

Congratulations for the QSO!


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