A new BITX is born (BITX40)

 Fiind un admirator al celebrului BiTx20, socotesc interesant mesajul lui Peter VK3YE, prin care face cunoscuta varianta BiTX40.


G’day from VK,

I’m new to the group and have just completed my first Bitx transceiver.

It’s made from scratch, ugly style, with 99% being from the original design.

It covers 7 to 7.2 MHz, using a 9.05 MHz IF and a 2 MHz VFO.

I used a different microphone amplifier (I got more and clearer output than
the original with my electret mic)
and a BD139 driver transistor. The PA circuitry is also slightly different.

It’s been about my easiest and most trouble-free transceiver project to

Performance is excellent and a tribute to Ashhar. The furthest distance so
far was a 5/6 report from ZL (about 2000 – 3000km away).

If anyone’s interested I’ve uploaded a video describing and demonstrating it
(from a local beach) here http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=pB1IC2qRw6g

73, Peter VK3YE


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