YO2BZV EPC # 17119

Mesaj de la European PSK Club:

Dear Costi Mocanu,

Thank you very much for joining the European PSK Club and welcome to
our club, dedicated to the world of Phase Shift Keying.
Your membership number is EPC # 17069 and your EU area is EU.RO.TM (old area RO04).
Please download your certificate in PDF format from the
EPC-MemberCenter at http://epc-mc.com


All our news will be announced on the http://eu.srars.org web site.
A full EPC members list and EPC logo could be downloaded in a single zip
file from http://eupsk.com/documents/epc.zip .
You may subscribe to the EPC Mailing List at
http://groups.google.com/group/eupskclub .
After registration you can post your messages to the EPC members by
sending emails to eupskclub@googlegroups.com
The EPC is like any other HAM radio organization, a group of HAMs who are
interested in promoting PSK mode(s). In order to keep interest up on
the PSK mode(s), the idea of collecting “EPC Numbers” has been
developing. Personally, each member enjoys the camaraderie of kindred
spirits, whether the activity is informal rag chewing or numbers
chasing or a more formal EU PSK DX Contest or QSO Party. We issue all
our awards in high quality PDF format and send them via email to the
applicants. All awards may be printed then correctly, with the highest
quality and with optimal performance by applicants themselves. In an
effort to make EPC Award Programme more affordable to PSK enthusiasts,
we have provided EPC members the opportunity to get all awards FREE of
charge. Please visit http://eu.srars.org for more information.
Please pass this information to others you think might be interested in
joining our club. We hope to get PSK really more going on the bands.

Again, many thanks and 73!

de DK5UR
Heinz Urban
EPC # 0529
Membership Manager


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