Ultima versiune JT65-HF

Download setup JT65-HF1090.zip

 (Free HAM software for Terrestrial JT65A mode by W6CQZ)

La orele 18:00 am downladat ultima versiune JT65-HF, 8.5 Mb

Reproduc  modificările faţă de versiunea curentă:

———————– Page 1———————–

JT65-HF 1.0.9 Addendum

JT65-HF © 2008…2011 J. C. Large – W6CQZ

•   Changes to Current Version

•   Introduction

•   Setup

•   Operating

———————– Page 2———————–

Changes to version 1.0.9

Operator’s call-sign and grid must be valid for use with JT65 Protocol.  If not transmit will be

disabled.  This will also impact the (few) stations using SWL call-signs as those will not


New message parser and generator code.  Message parsing is now more strict in what “it”

considers as a valid exchange.  In some cases decodes that would generate a message in

previous versions will not in 1.0.9.

New RB code.  The RB code has been completely overhauled on both the server and client

side – this will have little impact on end users other than no longer spotting certain non-

standard messages that previously spotted (often with error).

Removed small GUI version.  In its place the program is now resize-able to a minimum height

of 550 pixels.  This should accommodate small screens found on some Net-books, but, 550

pixels vertical height is an absolute minimum height.  The horizontal resolution remains

locked at 935 pixels.

Added line to separate decode periods in decoder text output area.  The separator line will

not display if you have a small vertical height.

Log window now contains option to clear notes field at each showing of window or not.  Any

text in the notes field is also saved to configuration file in case you wish to use a persistent

text for it.

Increased user defined QRG and macro spaces.

Deleted all WARC band frequencies from predefined (hard-coded) menu.  In practical terms

there are only three bands where there is no (or very little) contention over correct frequency

– those being 20, 15 and 10 meters.

In the case of 40 and 80 meters there is contention with the “standard” frequencies but not so

much as to warrant removal of them as promoted values.

For the WARC bands there is absolutely no agreement on a good value set that works for the

entire world, so, I have decided to get out of the mess by letting the users decide without my

input where to operate on those bands.  An imperfect solution at best, but, until things change

in this regard it will remain the solution of choice.

Many bugs fixes.

Fixed issues with local settings for decimal and thousands separators.  The code should now

work regards of your chosen characters for those items.

Forcing Unicode strings so Cyrillic characters (and – potentially – other extended types) now

display properly.  Mainly applies to sound device selectors.

———————– Page 3———————–

Somewhat more robust parsing of frequency values.  Should now better handle the (too)

many ways one can enter a frequency value.

Better handling and prevention of ghost decoders from left behind kvasd.dat file.  The

occurrence of false decodes from this problem should be greatly reduced compared to

previous versions.

Improved audio device selection and initialization code to attempt avoidance of issues seen in

past versions.  You will be warned if your currently selected audio device doesn’t match what

was used in the previous run.  There will still be difficulties with some specific hardware

devices and user configurations – but the situation should be somewhat better for most.

———————– Page 4———————–


For long time users of JT65-HF the first thing you will notice is the main window.  It will be

small and somewhat different from what you’re a             ustomed to.

JT65-HF 1.0.9 at its initial (smallest) vertical height.

In order to make the window sizing dynamic many control items had to be moved – you will

note the buttons for Clear Decodes, Decode Again and Restore Defaults along with DT Offset

adjustment have been moved above the decoder output versus being below it in past

versions.  The entry box for dial frequency has been moved as well.

If you increase the screen height by resizing the window vertically you will end up with

something like the following.

———————– Page 5———————–

JT65-HF 1.0.9 at a larger vertical height.

As you increase the vertical height you get more decoder output space, the waterfall

increases height to its maximum and you see a bit of information displayed below the BW


Change to window height is saved and remembered between runs.

———————– Page 6———————–

Setup and operation.

Please refer to jt65-hf-setup.pdf also contained with the installer.  General setup and

operation is essentially unchanged from prior versions, with exceptions noted prior dealing

with call-sign and grid validation along with more strict message parsing.


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