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History…this week

1838 Samuel Morse publicly demonstrated his telegraph for the first time in Morristown, New Jersey, USA..*
1884 P.Nipkow, Berlin, patents his television system.
1902 N.Stubblefield, USA, demonstrates his wireless telephone.
(Summerland Amateur Radio Club of Lismore, NSW)

* "The first line telegraph message is thought to have been sent from Washington to Baltimore in May 1844 by Samuel Finley Breeze Morse, (1791-1872). He is said to have tapped out the message, "What hath God wrought?" .--.....-- / .....--.... / --.----.. / .--.-.---..---.....-..--.. using a code of interrupted signals which he and his associate Alfred Louis Vail, (1807-1859), had developed some years earlier". (G0PSW)


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