Spratly Islands DXpedition

37 amateur radio operators from 15 countries will take part in a three-team effort to put DX0DX on air between
January 6th and February 1st.

Activity will be from Thitu Island on all bands and modes. QSL Manager is N2OO. For more information about the
DXpedition, including pictures of the team arriving in DU-land and the list of suggested frequencies, please check out their Web site at: http://www.dx0dx.net

AN INSIDE LOW BAND TIP FOR EASTCOAST STATESIDE: Don’t look for them until the 9th at the earliest – but watch your LONG PATH from the S/SW at about 1030z for them on both 80 and 160 meters – this is BEFORE your sunrise.

They may peak at your sunrise time again but it may be better earlier on at 1030z (which is just after the Eastcoast sunset).

They will be on the SUNSET path around 2200z or so from the East/SE path or over Europe depending on the skew.


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