Internet killed the radio star

Our history has been filled with the fears of change as technology evolves and seems to displace the order we have been comfortable with.
So it has been with this hobby, in some ways. The historical fact that Morse code was the technique used to establish effective radio communications was made a sacred symbol, never to be relinquished.
More recently, the great Packet revolution came and went and some of the adherents of RF only communications railed at the moon as to how the world was doomed by the forwarding of traffic via internet worm-holes rather than
station to station links using “radio”.
Well the insatiable curiosity that propels mankind has seen the evolution of many digital modes and revitalisation of lapsed modes. Very slow Morse and Hellschrieber are 2 modes that pre-date most of us current amateurs but are available because of current technology.
Similarly, there have been the cries of the VOIP modes are killing “real” radio. There still remains an antipathy between IRLP and Echolink proponents but now we have D-Star and Wires. This is evolution.
In some QSP from VK4KEV, Kevin advised an update to his QRZ web page details. This was that he hopes to be using VK0KEV from Macquarie Island later this year.
That information has gone viral amongst the DXers thanks to the internet.
To paraphrase, the internet killed the radio star – I don’t think so.
I’m Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP and that’s what I think, how about you?

Source: The WIA News Publicat de Costi la Wednesday, September 08, 2010


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