Pete Buehner, N8PB (Moderator, Ham Radio History)

The Ham Radio History Forum:

The Ham Radio History (HRH) reflector consists of several hundred subscribers from many different disciplines. All of whom are interested in the history of radio. There are many long-time amateur radio operators, broadcast journalists, engineers, amateur and professional historians, radio restorers, broadcasters, old shipboard and shore station operators, college professors/instruct ors, students, researchers and authors — all are willing to share their piece of radio’s history. The Ham Radio History forum is an excellent tool in which to learn about the history of radio and to discuss the significance of each event.

The HRH forum helps us sweep away the sands of time while stimulating research and promoting substantive dialogue. We are fortunate to have in our numbers many experts willing share their knowledge and experience. While many subscribers merely “read the mail,” patiently waiting for the next new piece of the historical puzzle, others are putting their thoughts into words and debating ideas. This unique blend of subscribers helps us learn much about the origins of radio and the direction in which we are heading – while at the same time helping us refine our thinking.

There is no fee required to participate in the HRH forum, and therefore, no personal pecuniary interest is ever advanced. Anyone can participate because of the nice mix of talent and audience. Please feel free to ask any questions or share whatever trivia, facts or recollections of radio that you can. The history you save may be your very own.

The Ham Radio History web page can be found at:
http://www.YahooGro ham-radio- history

In the MESSAGES pages, you can use the search engine to research any topic that has been discussed since Ham Radio History’s inception. Nearly 7000 postings have been archived; a truly unique resource.

Also be sure to visit the FILES section at:
http://groups. group/ham- radio-history/ files/

From this site you can upload and download images and other files of interest regarding radio history. Please participate in this project and add to it if you can. You will never know if your piece of history is significant to others if they never see it.

Please continue to enjoy the Ham Radio History forum.


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