Megahertz, Kilohertz or Meters?

With modern tuning accuracy and precision, radio signals are identified by their frequency rather than wavelength, although broadcasters still refer to the time-worn “meter band” as a swath of spectrum where they will be heard. The conversion is simple: to change meters to megahertz (or vice versa), simply divide either into 300.  For example, 75 meters is equivalent to 4 MHz (300 divided by 75 is 4, and 300 divided by 4 is 75).

To avoid dealing with unwieldy numbers, we choose megahertz (million hertz) or kilohertz (thousand hertz); thus, there are 1000 kilohertz in 1 megahertz, a movement of 3 decimal places. For example, 11,850 kHz is the same as 11.850 MHz. To make it even easier, just replace the comma in kHz with a period to make it MHz, or replace the period in MHz with a comma to make it kHz!

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